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Getting Started

Getting Started NOTE: WE WILL ALWAYS KEEP THIS POST PINNED TO THE TOP SINCE WE GET MORE REQUESTS FOR THIS THAN ANY OTHER. So be sure to look immediately below for more RECENT posts! When my husband and I started this journey, we used Atkins for our foods and our online free tracker because at the time we just weren’t that familiar with Keto yet. We learned that Atkins is basically the grandfather of Keto and it was easy to use both as references, still is. So I am linking both food lists / meal plans for the first two Read More ...

Gen Carbers

Gen Carbers The following is personal opinion based on research, personal experience, and lots of inner prayerful reflection. So please take it as such. We are Boomers. Our daughter is  Gen X. Followed by Millennials. And then our granddaughter is considered Gen Z. Every generation seems to have its own designated label. There is a generational identifier that actually crosses all those barriers. Gen Carb. In the last several decades we have watched ALL our nation’s generations battle the same health issues, many of which can be traced back to the escalation of one thing: carbohydrates (a/k/a SUGAR after broken Read More ...

A day in the life of a quarantined Keto-er

A day in the life of a quarantined Keto-er Well, not exactly “quarantined,” but rather “sheltered-in-place.” But you all know what I mean. When I stopped to think about it, this is a pretty accurate account of how my day went yesterday. It was a GOOD day! So I think I may just repeat a lot of it today. Especially the coffee, Word, and napping parts. KETO ON, my friends…no matter what! Have coffee and the Word. Lots of coffee, and lots of thinking about the Word I was listening to on my Tablet while I coudn’t sleep the night Read More ...

Survival on the banks of the Eleven Point River

Survival on the banks of the Eleven Point River Staying home during the COVID-19 outbreak in the name of “survival” brought to mind another time we voluntarily decided to “quarantine” ourselves in the mid 1970s. For a very different reason. We were traveling full-time in the ministry, with a toddler in a 28-foot Airstream travel trailer, and felt we needed a little vacation. From both. Since my family lived in the deep boonies of southeast Missouri, we decided to head there and use the services of grandparents as babysitters, who were only too happy to spend time with a granddaughter Read More ...

Cooking Keto: you don’t have to be a chef

Cooking Keto: you don’t have to be a chef Do you love to cook? If so, that’s really a plus if you go Keto. But it’s not an absolute requirement. It could be that when you discover food can be your friend instead of an enemy that’s out to destroy and make you unhappy, you may even develop an affinity for spending time with it in your own kitchen. Keto is not hard, really. It’s back to basics. Meats and fish. Healthy fats in which to cook those meats and fish. Some veggies. Eggs. Eventually berries and nuts. And for Read More ...

The KETO Diet for absolute beginners!

The KETO Diet for absolute beginners! As we enter this new year (and decade) of 2020 don’t be fooled by companies seeking to profit from your weight loss! With KETO you don’t have to buy magic pills, powders or potions and you don’t even have to purchase a membership at a local fitness club! KETO works with delicious, ordinary food that can be purchased anywhere! You can shop at your local big-box grocer or at a specialty gourmet outlet. The choice is yours! You can spend as much or as little as your budget allows and still LOSE weight and Read More ...

You can do this…and today is the day!

You can do this…and today is the day! I am sharing this as an encouragement for someone who may be “thinking about it” and afraid to take the plunge for some reason. I didn’t even begin this journey until after I was retired! For me (us…hubby and me) it was not only a physical journey, but a spiritual one as well, because we truly believe God led us to the information we needed to make wise choices about these bodies of ours that HE gave us! Once we said “yes,” we have never looked back. Not only has our weight Read More ...

Get Thee to a KETO Doctor!

Get Thee to a KETO Doctor! When doctors seeing their patients’ health being reversed and improved after putting them on a Ketogenic diet have to FEAR losing their medical license because it goes against the “grain” (see what I did there?) of the dogma of the medical community….then something is very, very wrong. We admire these people for their courage to do what they know is right for their patients instead of following failed methods like the “food pyramid” and the “eat less, move more” low-fat mantra that has put the health and LIVES of whole generations in jeopardy. To Read More ...

Keto Myth #3 – Zero Carbs Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Zero Carbs

Keto Myth #3 – Zero Carbs Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Zero Carbs It’s time to have a little fun with this “myth” thing. Today, boys and girls, we’re going to tell the story of “The Tic Tac Man.” Once upon a time, there was a man who went on the Keto diet. After awhile when he wasn’t losing weight, he went to his doctor, the famous Dr. Eric Westman and bemoaned his complaint to him: “It’s just not WORKING!!!” (insert sound of Wahmbulance siren here). Well, Dr. Westman is no dummy. He knew that there was no way that Keto could Read More ...

Keto Myth #2 – Keto is Bad for Your Cholesterol

Keto Myth #2 – Keto is Bad for Your Cholesterol The first myth busted by Dr. Westman in this video deals with the panic about how eating fat will cause your (bad) cholesterol to go through the roof. He busts several myths in this same video, so it’s worth watching for all of them. But the myth about cholesterol is one we see put out there over and over by people who criticize Keto without knowing any of the facts…like the fact that Keto can actually LOWER your “bad” cholesterol and raise your “good” cholesterol.