Keto Myth #3 – Zero Carbs Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Zero Carbs

It’s time to have a little fun with this “myth” thing. Today, boys and girls, we’re going to tell the story of “The Tic Tac Man.”

Once upon a time, there was a man who went on the Keto diet. After awhile when he wasn’t losing weight, he went to his doctor, the famous¬†Dr. Eric Westman and bemoaned his complaint to him: “It’s just not WORKING!!!” (insert sound of Wahmbulance siren here). Well, Dr. Westman is no dummy. He knew that there was no way that Keto could NOT work. So he began quizzing the poor victim of this “fad diet” farce. The man promised he had never once cheated on his Keto! He followed every rule faithfully, kept his carbs to the maximum 20 total carbs or less per day, everything else checked out right down the line. When it was over, the man stood up to go and Dr. Westman heard a rattling noise in the man’s pocket.

“Wait, what’s that in your pocket?” he asked.

“Oh, it’s just Tic Tac” replied the man, pulling out several of BOXES of them. “They’re zero carbs and zero calories, and since I can’t have sugar any more, I eat about 4 of these boxes a day to satisfy my cravings.”

Well, guess what? Tic Tac is a ticking time bomb for low-carbers! Because of the deceptive way the FDA allows them to label their product, this poor man was duped into eating at least 50g of Tic Tac carbs every single day, and probably even more! Talk about CARB CREEP. That’s a carb SMACK UP TO THE SIDE THE HEAD WITHOUT EVEN TRYING TO CREEP!

Let’s look at our little, friendly carb bomb. There are 60 Tic Tacs in this package. Notice the proud “0 carbs” and “0 Calories” statement on the back? But also notice the first three ingredients (which mean the HIGHEST three ingredients)…are SUGAR! Straight up “sugar” is listed #1, but Maltodextrin is also sugar, as is rice starch.

How can they do that? Well, also notice the size of the serving is ONE Tic Tac. Each Tic Tac weighs .5g, so according to FDA rules, they are allowed to list the carbs and calories at 0 because anything up to .5g is rounded down to ZERO! WHAAAAT??? Well, Tic Tac makes sure each serving can pass the FDA labeling requirement by making sure each “serving” as a .5g single Tic Tac.

Do the math. With sixty “servings” in one box @ 1/2 gram of carbs each =¬† 30 grams of pure sugar carbs….and multiply that amount by 4 BOXES and Mr. Tic Tac Man was being duped into eating 120 grams of carbs per day courtesy of the FDA! That’s enough for SIX DAYS’ worth of carbs at the prescribed 20g per day regimen!

Carb creep is real. And it’s hidden, purposefully and deceitfully by our own government! And, sadly, by many in the medical and pharmaceutical fields as well. So, if Keto is not working for you, there is something that is slipping through that you may not even be aware of.

Others have also apparently been duped. Some of these “testimonies” are pretty funny. Short, but funny, so have a peek, have a laugh, then throw out the Tic Tacs! Or at least don’t eat SEVERAL BOXES A DAY to appease your sugar addiction, because it’s just pure, white sugar.

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