Watch Success Stories, Helpful Tips, and Recipes

Medical Professionals

Dr. Eric Berg, DC — Dozens of great advice videos on topics of ALL keto-related issues

Dr. Ken Berry, MD — Short videos from a practical (and FUN) down-to-earth doctor that are loaded with information

Dr. Annette Bosworth, MD — “Doctor Boz” who shares a lot of information about how keto affects the brain, specifically Alzheimer’s

Dr. Jason Fung, MD — A brilliant nephrologist (kidney specialist) with hundred of success stories to share, as well as advice on intermittent fasting and insulin

Dr. Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD — Dr. Phinney is is the Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Virta Health, the first clinically-proven treatment to safely and sustainably reverse type 2 diabetes without medications or surgery.

Dr. Eric Westman, MD, MHS — Dr. Westman is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Doctor and a Medical Reseacher at Duke University.  He been using the Atkins/KETO diet for over 20 years and one of the premier Ketogenic medical professionals in the world.

Nurse Cindy — Delightful advice from Nurse Cindy who takes and answers your keto questions in her broadcasts

Inspirational Stories

Ally McWowie — Practical tips from a young woman who lost 170 lbs on Keto and shares her experiences before and after that weight loss

Butter Bob Briggs — Bob explains in series of entertaining videos how butter can make your pants fall off! Bob lost 145 lbs in just 14 months and has shared his success story over 1 million, 2 hundred thousand times on Youtube

Casey Durango — of Go Keto With Casey, shares her success story, answers your questions in her live broadcasts

Heavenly Fan – Recipes for the Keto Vegan / Vegetarian

KetoConnect — Matt and Megha are the premier Keto gurus with tips AND recipes

WatchAutumnKeto — Fun advice and encouragement from a young woman who is living the healthy dream on Keto


Low Carb Down Under — Conferences  with  renowned speakers and leaders in the Low Carb Healthy Fat revolution