A day in the life of a quarantined Keto-er

Well, not exactly “quarantined,” but rather “sheltered-in-place.” But you all know what I mean. When I stopped to think about it, this is a pretty accurate account of how my day went yesterday. It was a GOOD day! So I think I may just repeat a lot of it today. Especially the coffee, Word, and napping parts. KETO ON, my friends…no matter what!

  1. Have coffee and the Word. Lots of coffee, and lots of thinking about the Word I was listening to on my Tablet while I coudn’t sleep the night before. It’s better than Unisom, and no after effects.
  2. Play with Watson. Because it’s expected of me. I don’t know who has more fun, me or him, but he’s the one that gets the exercise chasing after that funky-looking green squirrel critter.
  3. Eat breakfast. Bacon, two fried eggs, and a sliced roma tomato as a bonus, with a glass of almond milk. Mmmmm….
  4. Wait. I saw I was down to two slices of bacon left when I took out my breakfast slices from the pre-cooked stash in the fridge.
  5. Cook bacon to replenish my stash.
  6. Start an online grocery order. Check toilet paper PORK RIND stash. Add to order!
  7. Add bacon to order!
  8. Maybe some housecleaning is in order. Change sheets. Unload and start new load in dishwasher.
  9. Maybe some ME cleaning is in order. Nice hot shower, wash and style hair (for all the good it does me), and now I feel like a million bucks!
  10. Avoid news. Like the plague. Because it’s all about the plague. Ain’t nobody got time for all-plague-all-the-time!
  11. Flip the switch to turn on the new web page on the Low Carb JC website, then share the link on the Low Carb JC Facebook group. That was fun!
  12. Time for a nap! Because…retirement, and I can!
  13. Have a little mid-afternoon Keto snack because Watson thinks we forgot lunch! (I shared my salami and cheese with him, but he didn’t much care for the dill pickle).
  14. Waste time scrolling Facebook and trying to avoid all the doom-and-gloom “shares” because I have seen them EVERY.ONE. at least a million times. Not one single new one with any new information (or fake news).
  15. Play with Watson some more. He really needs that exercise as a quarantined doggo.
  16. COOK MORE BACON. Because…bacon! Might as well while I have the pan still all set up with that ginormous cooking rack, right? Right!
  17. Time to start dinner. Leftovers for both of us tonight. YAY! Crispy skin roasted pork shoulder, cauliflower mash, gravy and a salad for hubby; cauliflower mac-n-cheese tuna casserole and a salad for me.
  18. Watch some of our favorite British TV streaming episodes. Murder in Paradise, an older episode of a Sherlock Holmes rendition of “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” followed by an episode of “Miss Marple” solving a murder in the Caribbean. (Word to the wise, if you ever see Miss Marple OR Hercule Poirot show up at a resort or hotel where you are vacationing…LEAVE immediately as there WILL be murder and mayhem ensuing!)
  19. Clean up my beautiful (newly-renovated) kitchen, start the dishwasher, and settle in for a couple of episodes of HGTV House Hunters to get my dander all up at how spoiled most people are these days. Why do I put myself through this? I tell myself it’s for the “decorating ideas” but it also reminds me be extra thankful for what I have. (BTW, Harold watches Star Trek episodes in another room…he doesn’t need HGTV to remind him how to be thankful….LOL!!!)
  20. Watson is ready for bedtime. Translation: Can we PLEASE turn off the TV and all these lights so I can get some sleep already!!!???
  21. Click “place order” on my online shopping carts and see what shakes out that I will actually get. Whatever. It’s all good! And I’m thankful for all those people taking such good care of us…their customers.
  22. Finally get to bed. I love sleeping on clean sheets, don’t you? Something else to be thankful for!