Keto Myth #2 – Keto is Bad for Your Cholesterol

Keto Myth #2 – Keto is Bad for Your Cholesterol The first myth busted by Dr. Westman in this video deals with the panic about how eating fat will cause your (bad) cholesterol to go through the roof. He busts several myths in this same video, so it’s worth watching for all of them. But the myth about cholesterol is one we see put out there over and over by people who criticize Keto without knowing any of the facts…like the fact that Keto can actually LOWER your “bad” cholesterol and raise your “good” cholesterol.

Keto Myth #1 – Fat Makes You Fat

Keto Myth #1 – Fat Makes You Fat We have all seen the scare headlines about how “dangerous” Keto is for us. The more of those I see, the more I realize that it is working for more and more people and the drug and part of the medical community is in a panic. The part that would otherwise make more money from people remaining in an unhealthy state and rely on treatments and drugs that have never worked, or will never work, and only continue making people more and more unhealthy. It’s a vicious circle. In the next few Read More ...

Sugar by another name is still sugar, and NOT sweet to our health!

Sugar by another name is still sugar, and NOT sweet to our health! This whole carb thing has been eye-opening, that’s for sure. And sometimes just plain frustrating. But once we learn something valuable, it becomes a great weapon in our battle against the never-ending battle to fight off those who would shove carbs at us from the most innocent-looking and unsuspecting sources. Case in point: Just because you give up chips and snack crackers for the allowed Keto-friendly pork rinds, you still have to watch for sneaky Carbage Creep. If you have been eating pork rinds in plain AND Read More ...

It’s about more than weight

It’s about more than weight Disclaimer: This is in no way intended to be “medical advice.” It is simply sharing our own experiences. If you can relate to something you may be experiencing, by all means, talk to your doctor. As you can see below, some of my doctors advised me to do certain things I didn’t necessarily agree with or follow, but that was my own decision. Each person has to follow their own heart and mind. When 2018 rolled around, both my husband and I had reached a point that we knew we needed to do something about Read More ...

Success stories can come in different ways

Success stories can come in different ways A few years back as I was struggling to get my health in hand, I reached a point where I decided nothing I could do was going to make a difference. Oh, I would “diet” and lose a few pounds, but it would always come right back…and bring more with it! Because it really does matter what you’re eating, not just how much you’re eating. The what will take care of the how much when you get that first one right. Anyway, I had a closet full of gorgeous business clothes that I Read More ...

To track, or not to track

To Track, or Not to Track I am sharing our own experiences here, so this is not a “how to” but rather a “we did this” type of post. Something else may work for you, but I get the question all the time, “How did you do it?” So this is one of those “hows.” As I mentioned earlier, we started off using Atkins for our meal plans, and their online food tracker. Mainly because (1) it was free, and (2) it was really easy to use. The only downside to their tracker now that we are past tracking anyway, Read More ...