House Salad


Romaine lettuce, 2 cups per salad
Red onion
Marinated artichoke hearts, 2 pieces per salad
Finely-shredded Parmesan cheese
Kosher salt to taste
Freshly ground black pepper (optional)
2-3 TBSP Madison’s Brand Oil and Vinegar “House” Salad Dressing (can be purchased at Madison’s Restaurants)


1.  Tear Romaine into bite-size pieces into individual salad bowls / plates, 2 cups per salad

2.  Use 2 pieces of marinated artichoke hearts per salad, pulled apart into smaller pieces

3.  Slice red onion as thin as you can get it, pull into rings, and put approximately 8-10 rings on each salad

4.  Add kosher salt to taste

5.  Pour approximately 2-3 TBSP of dressing on each salad (shake it up really well first) and toss to mix thoroughly

6.  Using a micro grater, finely grate Parmesan cheese all over top of salad until top is covered.

7.  This is the point to use your pepper grinder over the top if you like fresh ground pepper on your salad.


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