El Espolon Mexican Restaurant in Jefferson City

A great Mexican restaurant at two locations in Jefferson City as well as other cities in Missouri.  I love their steak fajitas (pictured are the chicken fajitas), which I order without the rice, beans and tortillas and it is so big I still have leftovers! I may order a side of guacamole because it is so good! Another favorite for both of us is their Carne Asada (which is their steak meal) which we order without beans and rice or tortillas. Hubby orders without the cooked onions and peppers because he has an aversion to them, but since being on “maintenance” and can eat more veggie carbs, I say “bring ’em!”  Again, maybe we’ll add a side of guacamole, although it does come with a side of shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes and avocados with a couple of jalapenos. If we’re ordering it To Go, we definitely get the guac so we can dip our Chicharrones (pork rinds) in it at home. We think their salsa maybe Keto, but can’t verify, but their Pico de Gallo is definitely low carb since it’s just fresh veggies chopped up and heated up with spices and jalapenos.  They offer several great meat-centered menu items which you can definitely order customized and feel like you are at a fiesta! You won’t miss the shells, beans, rice, and other carbage that could derail your Keto journey.


El Espolon Mexican Restaurant in Jefferson City (Eastland)

El Espolon Mexican Restaurant in Jefferson City (Rock Hill Rd)