Chick-fil-A in Jefferson City and Columbia

A lot of folks love The Chick! And you’ll be happy to know you can stay Keto at CFA. The first time I ate at one since going Keto was when we were out of town at a conference and I just needed something light to tide me over until an evening banquet meal, but not heavy enough to spoil my appetite. So we went to a big mall and I got in a LOOOOOONG line thinking I would be there until the banquet started. But within five minutes I had my 8-piece nugget meal in hand! It was SO yummy, and SO fast, and SO low-carb…and was just the right amount for a late lunch.

But there is so much more that you can order at CFA than just nuggets. Gotta’ love the Keto community! You need to watch out for the sauces, but the chicken is tasty enough without them. #lowcarbjc

Chick-fil-A in Jefferson City

Chick-fil-A in Columbia