Burger King in Jefferson City and Columbia

That’s right. You can have it Your KETO Way at Burger King! We stopped at the Jefferson City BK on our way back into town from a long road trip and we were too tired to cook for ourselves. We both ordered the bacon cheeseburger WITHOUT the bun and sauces, and took it home for a feast! But a burger is not the only thing you can get there, they also have grilled chicken, and salads, as well as breakfast items that can be custom-ordered to leave out the carbage. In fact, there is a whole community of folks who share what you can order, and they have ordered, at BK and their help is really, well, helpful!

Of course, you already know the buns are not Keto friendly, nor any of their battered and fried items, and the fries. Those are no-nos on Keto. But there is so much more you CAN have, and will make you feel fuller longer than loading up on carbs and having to eat again in an hour because you’re hungry. #lowcarbjc

Burger King in Jefferson City

Burger King in Columbia, E. Business Loop 70

Burger King in Columbia, Clark Lane