Green Leaf Cafe & Coffee Bar

We have been hearing about this place from fellow Keto-ers for the past couple of weeks, so just stopped in there and talked Keto for a bit. It’s an adorable little eatery, and they gave us a menu so we could look at what they have to offer. They don’t have a website (yet) but they do have a Facebook page which shows lots of their menu items, and their menu itself. It’s located in the little strip mall at 512 Ellis Blvd Unit U.

A domed cake plate of Keto balls (a/k/a “fat bombs”) were front and center on the counter, and they looked amazing. Their Facebook page features several different varieties of those pictured for your drooling pleasure.

Although their Gluten Free items are posted as such, they are also careful to inform folks that they are not a “certified” Gluten Free facility, which means they cannot guarantee prevention of cross contamination¬† since other non Gluten Free items are prepared in the same prep areas. That’s important to folks who are highly Gluten intolerant, or Celiac, so just be informed of that fact.

On the Keto front, they currently offer the option of their sandwiches on a cauliflower bun for an extra $2, which they say contain only 1g of carbs. That’s pretty awesome! We believe more and more places are going to start offering such options as more and more people are going Keto. We can hope, right? But in the meantime, Low Carb JC folks, please do consider patronizing this establishment and maybe the more Keto folks go there, the more Keto items they will offer. That’s how free enterprise works!


Green Leaf Cafe & Coffee Bar – Jefferson City