Chili’s Grill & Bar in Jefferson City and Columbia

The first time we went to Chili’s after going Keto, we opted for the 6 oz. steak with broccoli and the side salad, and it was really good! And really Keto. I went again for lunch this week and splurged on the steak fajitas which I ordered without the beans, rice, and tortillas. Of course, I declined the chips and salsa the server offered to bring out. And I had  enough food to bring home for dinner that night. (The featured photo is of their “combination fajitas” which includes steak, chicken, AND shrimp, which would be totally and awesomely Keto!) A word to the wise, just be careful with the grilled onions and peppers as those can be quite high-carb if you are trying to remain very low carb. You could order without those, or just ration how much of that you eat along with the yummy steak (and/or chicken & shrimp). I also asked for that butter chipotle sauce on the side, which they were happy to accommodate, and just dipped my steak in it occasionally. I wasn’t necessarily afraid of the carbs, but of the heat as I’m not that into really spicy foods and didn’t want to feel like my mouth was on fire with every bite. The little “tray” of condiments that comes with fajitas was pretty much Keto, but I skipped the sour cream because (1) that was just too much food to try to eat anyway, and (2) some sour creams can be quite high-carb, depending on the maker. I didn’t feel a bit deprived by not eating it.

There are also several other entrees listed here that you could quite easily eat and remain low-carb. Of course, the burgers, without bun, are an option, but also remember to ask for anything with BBQ sauce on it to come without sauce. Their BBQ sauces are mostly “sweet” which means “sugared up.” They have a great grilled salmon entree, also ask for with sauce on the side or just without sauce. Salads with grilled meats on top, and dressing(s) on the side are also great options. And I really want to try their “grilled avocado” at some point. I have never thought about grilling avocado, but it sounds delish!


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