Wendy’s in Jefferson City, Fulton, and Columbia

Wendy’s has several very Keto friendly options, and is one of the favorite fast-food eateries of Matt and Megha of KetoConnect.

Of course, an eatery that offers selections containing beef, bacon, cheese, grilled chicken, cheese, eggs, cheese, veggies and, oh, did we mention cheese, you could easily customize your own meal by simply saying “hold the fries and the bun.” But we have a list of options already picked for you along with the macros of each.


Matt and Megha’s taste test and recommendation:

Wendy’s in Jefferson City, Missouri Blvd

Wendy’s in Jefferson City, Capital Mall

Wendy’s in Fulton

Wendy’s in Columbia, Columbia Mall (Bernadette Dr)

Wendy’s in Columbia, Clark Ln

Wendy’s in Columbia, Rock Bridge Shopping Center