LongHorn Steakhouse in Jefferson City and Columbia

Steak is one of the most Keto friendly foods in the universe. Just about any cut, as long as it’s cooked right, is something I could eat several times a week. I cook it myself quite a bit, but when I want to go out for a good steak, LongHorn is one of the first places I think of.

LongHorn has started listing a complete Nutritional Guide on their website, and it is very¬†informative, if not eye-opening. For instance, they have a new appetizer called Cauliflower Au Gratin, which we tried to order the last time we were there, and were told they were out of it. Well, now that I see this guide, I’m glad they were, because it has 19g of carbs! As you will notice, some of the 8 oz steaks have only 2g of carbs, and their pork chops have ZERO CARBS! So there are a LOT of great options for Keto-ers at LongHorn . Hopefully looking at this guide will help you with your choices even before you get there. #lowcarbjc

LongHorn Steakhouse in Jefferson City

LongHorn Steakhouse in Columbia