This is one of our favorite places to eat on special occasions since seafood is one of the most Keto friendly foods ever! You can order several things from their “Create Your Own”  menu feature by picking two, three, or as many as you want to pay for. Also, you can just switch menu items around–like substituting grilled shrimp for fried–and they’re very accommodating. They do have vinegar and oil if you ask for it, but we started taking our own in little Tupperware minis because some, but not ALL, Red Lobsters will bring out vegetable oil and white vinegar. We prefer olive oil and either apple cider, red wine, or balsamic vinegar–but it’s not that big of a sacrifice for the seafood we get. And, of course, tell the server “No cheddar biscuits for me!”

Now, onto the seafood.  There are several grilled and wood-grilled options that are wonderful. Shrimp, salmon, trout, other “catch of the day” fish, scallops, crab legs, lobster, and seasonal items like langostinos or prawns. Just about all meals come with either rice or potatoes, but if you tell them you don’t want those, they will offer to substitute more veggies. And the more butter to dip your seafood in, the better. If your meal doesn’t show up with melted butter, just ask for it. Their steaks are also awesome, but when I go here, I want SEAFOOD! #lowcarbjc

Red Lobster in Jefferson City:

Red Lobster in Columbia: